Call Your Grandmother

“Call Your Grandmother," published in the NYT "Tiny Love Stories" column, warmed my heart. Sometimes an unexpected call or comment from a grandchild is all we need to remind us that we’re loved. Read the story, then post your own tiny story about grandparent love.

Call Your Grandmother (New York Times, July 7, 2019)

"She doesn’t realize how one phone call can affect a grandmother who lives far away. It was unexpected but so welcome. My 14-year-old granddaughter called me of her own volition with her just-purchased first phone. It wasn’t a text, or a message on Facebook, Twitter, Skype or Instagram, none of which I truly understand. It was a real old-fashioned phone call, her first to me ever. She called to mourn Notre-Dame because we had been there, just the two of us, on a recent trip. We shared our sadness and our love." — Iris Shur

Iris Shur and her granddaughter

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