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Welcome to Grandparenting-Today, a website devoted to grandparenting in the twenty-first century.  I hope you'll visit often to learn what experts are saying about "best practices" for successful grandparenting and what grandparents themselves are posting about their own experiences.  You can share your own grandparenting stories, ask advice about the challenges you're facing as a grandparent, and find resources that may make grandparenting more fulfilling.


What did you do to prepare yourself for grandparenthood? If the answer is "nothing," do you wish you had?

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Hi, I'm Ruth!

I am a retired medical school administrator and writer, and I became a grandmother in 2000 when my daughter gave birth to her first son. So I consider myself among the first 21st century grandparents!


When I became a grandmother, I gave very little thought to my new role and spent no time at all thinking about how becoming a grandparent would change my life.  But it did.  Being a grandmother is a joyful experience, but there are challenges too, the distance, for example, and different parenting philosophies. And I wasn’t prepared for those challenges. 

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